Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Machine Accessing My Computer on Clearwire Network?

I was just checking out what was out there connecting to my computer while logged into Clearwire. I noticed a strange machine I didn't recognize had restricted access to my computer. I blocked all access. Then another machine poppoed up. I blocked that one. And so on and so on until I blocked 7 different IP addresses. When I looked them up they all belonged to Clearwire, the network I happen to be connected to at the moment.

So my question is, why does a clearwire machine need access to my computer while connected to their network? After blocking these machines my network still seems to work, so I don't think this is required for network connectivity. In my opinion these machines should not be connecting to my machine. I should connect to their machines when I choose, not vice versa. Is this intentional for some type of network optimization, or is something more devious going on here?

The IPs in question which are aparently a variety of Microsoft, Apple and other adaptors are: