Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Clearwire Nodes

Yesterday I noticed one clearwire node in my local network while using my Clearwire card. I restricted access from that node to my computer. Then others popped up as noted in my last post. The thing I find odd is that yesterday I only had one node in my newtork after using Clearwire for quite a while. Since blocking that one node, I've got tons of Clearwire nodes popping up in my network constantly. Today when I checked there were 53 Clearwire nodes in my network with "protected" access to my machine, whatever that means.

Also strange - today when I turned on my computer and had my clearwire card plugged in, my computer would not boot up. It kind of froze on start up. The disk was spinning like it was trying to do something but it just kind of sat there. This may have nothing to do with Clearwire at all and just a coincidence. I removed the Clearwire card, rebooted, and the computer was fine. Then I restarted again with the Clearwire card, and it was fine again.

Not sure if any of this is related or matters, just reporting what I see.