Monday, January 19, 2009

Spam Genereted From Contact IP Ranges

Ok so here's the deal. People email me. These are people I'm doing business with, working on projects with, etc. It seems like as soon as I get an email from someone I start getting spam from their mail server. Or perhaps (it seems like) valid mail messages are being swapped out with spam messages.

I've got Postini and set up Google Apps. I just met someone new and the guy tried to send me an email and said it was rejected by Postini due to being on my blocked IP spammer list. The guy sent me the email rejection notice and in it there was a mail server in Toronto Canada - that is not blocked. Later the guy sent me his home IP address. That address is also not blocked. Why the heck is this guy's email getting blocked?

Here's another one - I am working with a couple of guys. One of the guys is using 1 and 1 Internet. Somehow while working with these guys I get spam from 1 and 1 and block out that range, not realizing that this is the range used by the guys I'm working with.

Another one - working with a designer in Colorado. Suddenly I'm getting spam from her network. I block the range not realizing it's someone I'm working with.

Is this all purely coincidental? Really?

I swear it seems like someone is replacing valid messages with spam content. I don't really have the means to pin this down at the moment.

Additionally I keep contacting Google because Google Apps has never worked right with Postini. I swear they are not getting my messages. I've been trying to get this stuff working since November. I'm about to just cancel it.