Friday, May 11, 2007

Organized Crime and Hacking

This article says people are "wondering" if organized crime is involved in hacking.

DUH. Obviously this person doesn't know much about what they are writing about.

What is organized crime anyway? Is it organized when someone has a bunch of command and control bots or when there is a whole row of computers in a hut in Nigeria working on money transfer schemes from stolen funds using people who fall for their ploys?

Maybe they only mean a certain type of organized crime - Mafia. Given that the Internet is the absolute easiest way to make a whole tone of money without killing anyone or counting on too many people to get the job done, I would venture to say that any smart criminal organization would be after that pot of gold.

But the flip side of that is the Internet is all about computers and data. Computers don't lie. If the data is tracked by a really smart programmer on the other side of the fence - the good guys will have the data they need to nab the crooks much faster than traditional walking the street and trying to find scared witnesses to testify who are afraid for their lives.

OK maybe I've been watching too many cops and robbers and lawyer movies lately. But I can totally see the possibilities here and it's pretty much been reported already that certain criminal and terrorist organizations are involved in Internet crimes.