Sunday, May 13, 2007

Naval Surface Warfare Center - connected to/from my laptop?

This is odd. I'm logged into a VPN to a remote server and suddenly my terminal services connection is locking up. I check IPs I am connected to and there's the Google Toolbar notifier so I shut it off. Then my machine seems to free up and I can move the mouse around on the remote server again. But I think that was a coincidence. Shortly thereafter lock up again on my administrator account on the remote machine via Terminal Services. Another look at the IPs my machine is connected to reveals a connection to two Naval Surface Warfare Center IPs on port 80. I have no reason to be connected to these IP addresses. As far as I know I am only connected to my own web server, through the web on port 80, and through a VPN so how the heck is my machine somehow connecting to the these addresses on port 80??? and

OrgName: Naval Surface Warfare Center OrgID: NSWC-1Address: 17320 Dahlgren RoadAddress: Code XDTCity: DahlgrenStateProv: VAPostalCode: 22448-5000Country: USNetRange: -