Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ask Jeeves Spoofer?

We've been getting a lot of hits supposedly from AskJeeves such as this:
57 hits this month
Ask Jeeves User Agent
Last Visit: 3/20/2007 4:20:54 PM

However this IP does not belong to any of the Ask Jeeves IP ranges as far as I can see:

Ask Jeeves ASKJEEVES-66-09 (NET-4-19-66-0-1) -
Ask Jeeves HTW-06853 (NET-64-55-148-1-1) -
ASK JEEVES Q0518-63-145-26-32 (NET-63-145-26-32-1) -
ASK JEEVES Q0426-63-236-237-72 (NET-63-236-237-72-1) -
ASK JEEVES Q0213-72-165-191-64 (NET-72-165-191-64-1) -
ASK JEEVES ASK-JEEV33-211 (NET-12-193-211-0-1) -
ASK JEEVES INC Q0321-65-119-214-0 (NET-65-119-214-0-1) -
Ask Jeeves PBI-CUSTNET-6751 (NET-216-103-72-40-1) -
Ask Jeeves SBCIS-101412-175559 (NET-64-174-153-192-1) -
Ask Jeeves SBC067114171064020215 (NET-67-114-171-64-1) -
ASK JEEVES MFN-B370-209-249-69-0-29 (NET-209-249-69-0-1) -
ASK JEEVES MFN-B370-208-184-139-0-29 (NET-208-184-139-0-1) -
ASK JEEVES MFN-B370-208-185-161-0-28 (NET-208-185-161-0-1) -
ASK JEEVES MFN-B370-208-185-160-0-24 (NET-208-185-160-0-1) -
ASK JEEVES MFN-B370-208-185-182-128-28 (NET-208-185-182-128-1) -
ASK JEEVES MFN-B370-216-200-130-0-24 (NET-216-200-130-0-1) -
ASK JEEVES MFN-B370-208-185-219-224-27 (NET-208-185-219-224-1) -
ASK JEEVES MFN-B370-64-124-141-0-24 (NET-64-124-141-0-1) -
ASK JEEVES MFN-B370-209-249-88-48-28 (NET-209-249-88-48-1) -
ASK JEEVES MFN-B370-64-124-56-0-24 (NET-64-124-56-0-1) -
ASK JEEVES BRW-11672-ASK (NET-216-143-191-128-1) -
Ask Jeeves MFN-B370-209-66-103-0-24 (NET-209-66-103-0-1) -