Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More PHP Hacks: Better Web Systems

Lieberman's site was hacked on the eve of his defeat in the race for US Senator. You can read more about it here:

PHP Hacks

I wrote previously about how I hate PHP becuase it is this free software with all these neat widgets which script loving programmers and web site owners who many not be programmers at all hack together into something that externally - looks like a web site. Ok it is a web site.

Well, if you're running a web site for the neighborhood street party maybe that is ok. But using someone who is not on top of ALL the issues in building and maintaining secure and solid web sites, and you're basing your whole career off this web site...good luck.

The problem here was that someone threw together a PHP web site (so you can guess it was cheap...) and didn't apply a patch that came out that would have prevented the whole problem. Too often people set up a web site and then think they can never pay attention to it again. Not true.

Whatever software you are running, besides your automatically updated Windows operating system, is potentially hackable and must be managed and monitored if you don't want someone to hack it.

And as mentioned previously I have somewhat of a disdain for PHP for various reasons. There are some good PHP programmers but seems more bad than good and more hacks than most other languages.

You get what you pay for.