Thursday, July 06, 2006

Port 25: CHECK IT!

Ok would everyone out there do me a favor who is running imail on Windows - or at a managed hosting company...

Please set up your firewall logs to use some sort of logging such as Kiwi or some other firewall logging utility that allows you to monitor ALL traffic in and out of your server. Look extraneous traffic on port 25. Check not only the IPs assigned to your server but also your back up servers and database servers. Check your internal and external IPs for this traffic.

If you are at a hosting company, you can ask them to check for this traffic. If they find something it could speed up your web sites and improve performance.

Please also check for multiple copies of extraneous DLLs in your registry like hunny-mime.dll and Cypress.dll. It could be somethine else.

Shut down extraneous services that are running as dllhost.exe in your Windows services panel. Try to figure out what they are and where the came from and report the problem so other people can be alerted to the issue such as companies like Microsoft, RackSpace, McAfee, Norton, etc. to try to resolve the problem at a higher level.

If damage has been done to your business or applications due to this issue report it to the FBI, Secret Service, etc. so it can be investigated.

I am guessing this problem is going on at servers all across the country and probably linked back to certain sources. If those sources can be eliminated OUR Internet will run faster.