Thursday, July 06, 2006

The latest - Firewall Open to Terminal Services From any IP

That's it. I have had so many problems with my hosting company. Microsoft's number one hosting company has some serious problems. I just went to a random location and tested and my firewall is wide open to any ip for Terminal Services. This is not what I requested. I have a VPN for this purpose. I am paying for it. I pay them all this money and I think I have absolutely no security. I get hacked constantly. My web server was down all day yesterday, and it went down again today for three hours this morning.

When I asked why the monitoring service failed - no explanation. I was told that someone was reading that my web server runs on port 1100. WHAT? I don't know where in creation they got that information. Not at all accurate. It's running web sites. Don't you think a web site support person would know that web sites run on port 80? Sure you can run them on something else but if you do no one can see them if they don't type in the port number!

Does anyone else see a problem here after reading my posts? Well I'm not going to slam my hosting company just yet. Let's see if they can actually figure out who is doing these things - an internal person - or a hacker. One last chance.