Thursday, July 02, 2009

123People - illegal scraping and reposting of content is illegally scraping and reposting content from other web sites.

This particular site has posted information on their web site posted privately on social networks.

When you contact a web site that has posted information about you and you want it taken down, the professional thing to do would be to remove it.

Here is the information from the 123People web site - again don't pay they to take down things you didn't authorize them to post.

I would be concerned that contacting reputation services would only exacerbate the problems.

These companies should be held accountable for their actions.

There needs to be a better solution to this situation:

How do I delete the search results on the 123people?

123people refers to information originating from the other publicly available websites on the Internet. All we do is provide the viewing of the real time search results available on the Internet in a clear and well-arranged way.

If you want to edit or to delete information, there are two possibilities:

1. Contact the original source
If you want to delete the contents, please contact directly the original source of the information. You can find the source by clicking on the small icon to the left of all displayed results. Your support team will take care of your request voluntarily and free of charge.

2. Professional Services
There are services that take care of their customers online. We have selected a few of those services that you can use. Please contact one of the services of your choice directly for further information.

Indication: 123people accesses data that have been found on other websites by classical search engines such as Yahoo. Search engines save the found information for certain period of time. These search engines do not explore all websites at the same time – that depends on how often the content on the website is updated, amongst other things – so it might take some time, (sometimes even months), until certain content has disappeared from the search results of big search engines. The information may appear on the site of 123people even if the source of the information has already been deleted.

The web site as well as are independent companies who offer their services for free and do not stand in any form of cooperation with 123people.