Thursday, June 04, 2009 - RateItAll

[NOTE: as it was seems to have gone away - probably due to all the complaints about malicious and inaccurate information. It now is a completely different site.]

Had problems with web sites posting incorrect or harmful information about you and having a problem getting it removed?

You can post your comments about these web sites at

For instance someone I know is having problems getting their name removed from which has posted a lot of incorrect information about people and refuses to remove it upon request.

Add your comments about

For an example of the type of posts you'll find on which are derogatory and probably personal attacks and altercations rather than useful information, search the site for negative postings about people and requests for removal that have not been granted. I'm sure you'll quickly find what that is full of spammy, personal content and most likely fabricated information about people posted by those who dislike them for whatever reason.