Tuesday, June 16, 2009


After asking Websense to please stop hitting our web sites with clearly altered or bogus traffic - they proceeded to hit all our web sites repeatedly with such traffic. This is not very nice behavior. They could have emailed me back to explain what they are doing and why instead of trying to continue to bomb our web sites.

Websense does security research which I appreciate, however I do not appreciate the bogus traffic they are sending to our web sites constantly. A check once in a while would be fine but they hit the sites repeatedly every day. This seems a bit excessive.

Seriously we have a handful of local sites. Do they need to hit them three times a day??

Websense (WEBSEN-1)
Websense Network Operations Center (WNOC-ARIN) arin@websense.com +1-858-320-8000
Websense, Inc (AS13448) WEBSENSE 13448
Websense TWTC-NETBLK-4 (NET-66-194-6-0-1) -
Websense Inc12036038 SBC06711720112828040601125225 (NET-67-117-201-128-1) -