Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weird QuickTime Issue

I uploaded a .tif file to a web site and then when I tried to download it, QuickTime was trying to open it. Why is QuickTime, a movie application, trying to download a .tif file and other static images in my browser? That's odd isn't it?

Then, I tried to change the browser plugin to NOT open any static images - tiffs, jpgs, gifs, etc. I also stopped it from auto playing movies. I restarted my browser. After doing that the plugin continued to try to download the tifs. Why?

I searched around for a way to completely eliminate the plugin from my browsers but couldn't figure that out in a quick fashion, so I ended up just completely removing QuickTime from my computer. After doing that I was able to download the tif files without any problem and without them being embedded in my browser, which is NOT what I wanted.

Is there something odd going on here with QuickTime? I know QuickTime is included with QuickBooks for some reason. Not sure what that was all about.