Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recent Directory Harvest Attacks

Looks like there were quite a few directory harvest attacks around Easter. Perhaps those repsonsible for these directory harvest attacks figured people would have better things to do on the holidays than pay attention to their mail servers.

Begin Time 04/13 23:55:33
End Time 04/13 23:56:47
IP Address
Road Runner HoldCo LLC

Begin Time 04/12 20:11:27
End Time 04/12 20:12:59
IP Address
Earthlink, Inc.

Begin Time 04/12 15:57:26
End Time 04/12 15:58:59
IP Address
Cricket Communications Inc

Begin Time 04/12 12:53:01
End Time 04/12 12:54:39
IP Address
Verizon Internet Services Inc.

Begin Time 04/12 09:44:12
End Time 04/12 09:45:51
IP Address
ISP Alliance, INC. / Sjoberg Cable MNCABLE