Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Network Solutions certificate re-issue seems to be broken

When I submit a request to reissue a certificate at the Network Solutions web site I get a blank screen after submitting the request. After calling in today I emailed back and forth with someone through their ticket system. After fixing a few issues on my email system, my emails worked up to the point where I sent them the certificate request. However when I sent them the CSR, suddenly the guy noticed that someone started managing the queue and taking out all the messages when they had previously been ignoring it. The CSR took quite a while to come through while the other messages came through almost instantly. He put me on hold for five minutes while he waited for it and finally came back on the phone when he got it. At that point they were supposed to send me back a signed certificate. However sending a certificate through their automated system failed. It never came through. So finally the guy (again, as always) just manually emailed me the certificate. This has happened for the past three years. When I tried to get the issue resolved with the guy, he said basically all SRS Plus people have to get their certs this way. It never works.

For three years? The directions on the web site are wrong for three years? They haven't fixed their systems for three years? Network Solutions is a big company right?

So, I cannot get the reissue to work on the web site, I cannot get the cert off the web site because some tab I'm supposed to see is missing, their automated system for sending me a certificate doesn't work, and my emails get flagged as spam when they are not, and they get more messages from me than I've actually sent.

Not sure what is going on, but I did not send 17 emails to them. I did not send Viagra spam. The second guy told me he didn't see any spam in the system from me as the first guy claimed. Who is telling the truth here? Why is my email getting flagged as spam?

It is hard to believe with these kind of issues that these certificates are reliable.

On the phone however the guy claimed someone has hacked the Verisign EV certificates in some super secret presentation. Basically they could hack a PayPal cert. Is this true or is this just some line to keep people from buying an EV cert? Who knows.

I think it would take getting a PHD to have the time to study and validate all these things. Maybe I will.

Update. Finally working.

Ok there is no issue with my SPF records. SPF records are good.

Email is going through Postini.

Messages previously failing are getting through. Emails are flowing in from places I haven't gotten email from in a month or months.

I can look up email servers to see if they support inbound TLS. I have been able to resolve some inbound and outbound TLS restrictions finally and people say they are getting the emails.

I was able to get my SSL cert from Network Solutions after two weeks in a very odd fashion and unbelievable install it and it worked (only the second try this time and didn't really have to go around in circles on hold for hours like last time - though I did have to call in twice and they called me twice).

I just hope the SSL cert is legit after all that rigamarole.