Saturday, April 25, 2009

Calls on Inactive Number

It is interesting that I get phone calls on an invalid phone number that has been temporarily disabled. The phone numbers are clearly crappy phone calls where someone is trying to sell me garbage about publishing books or something.

How is it that when these people call this number they are able to get passed through to me on my other phones when supposedly this number is inactivated? Are they basically hacking some system to get through? Or did the phone company make some kind of mistake when they parked my number?

I have long wondered if somehow this number was hacked in some way. I switched my business number to a local number and suddenly got a bunch of leads and calls. It was kind of odd because shortly after the switch - it kind of died down again.

Additionally, one of the guys who hired me suddenly couldn't call me anymore. Not sure how he fixed it. Now other people are complaining they have called me but where not able to get through.

Is this all random? Are our phone systems all hacked too?