Friday, March 13, 2009

Phone Problems

Seriously having communication problems related to my business. Today a person with a potential large project called me. My phone rang once, on my end and dropped off. On his end he said the phone rang and rang and rang and then went to a fast busy signal.

What is going on? It is seriously disturbing when important customers are trying to reach you and they get all kinds of weird problems like those I have described with my email below and other types of phone problems.

So my question is - how do you know when a lot of potential customers are being redirected to some other third party or cannot reach you for some reason? If you got a call from someone you don't even know and they couldn't reach you - they would assume you were out of business or something like'd never know you missed their call.

This is all very bothersome if you start wondering how many phone calls, emails, sales leads and other things your business may be missing due to problems like this.