Friday, December 26, 2008

Garbage Sites and Traffic Logs

I find it interesting when I review my logs and see hits from totally random URLs with complete garbage content like this one: www . esitesbuilder . com/pid/1/index.html

There are a bunch of related sites that look like garbage and links designed to get sites better rankings - but waste everyone's time in the process. If the sites would instead post quality information and do legitimate business they would get rankings.

I also find the referrals from these garbage sites to be questionable. Anyone who goes to these sites and does not immediately click off the page I'm guessing is some kind of bot. This is further reinforced by the bad traffic we get from the networks that click on these links.

This IP, for instance, came from a complete garbage referral site and clicked onto a site on our server that has nothing to do with the content on the page from which the click was referred. I highly doubt this is a valid web surfer who wants to buy products on the site clicked on, not to mention the web request was invalid:


This is just pointing out that not all traffic is good traffic and not all links are worthwhile. I wish Google would just eliminate these garbage sites for their listings. They seem like they are pretty easy to spot. They all are structured the same way.