Monday, January 28, 2008

Report Cyber Crimes To FBI

I reported on this article before but reading it again I would like to highlight a different part - the FBI would like IT executives to report crimes to them to help fight crime. If large vendors would analyze their firewalls and network logs and report thing such as the spam I found spewing out of my server and research problems with had with their Email systems instead of kicking us off their systems, maybe we could uncover crimes and help the whole country, in fact the world, in addition to their individual businesses and customers:

FBI can Help You Fight Cyber Crime

O'Brien wound up his presentation with a plea for IT executives to work with the FBI to nail cybercriminals, including those who operate outside the United States.

"Compared to when I started doing computer crimes four or five years ago the bureau today is very well positioned to run an investigation that involves botnets and foreign nexus. We have agents in over 50 embassies now around the world from countries as diverse as the United Kingdom and Yemen...[Our agents] work with foreign law enforcement."

IT executives can help the FBI crack cases by reporting incidents as soon as possible and by sharing network and other logs, as well as IP addresses involved, O'Brien says.