Sunday, January 27, 2008

The infamous check cashing scam - again

Header followed by message text - this message is coming from Turkey, posing as a job for a company which entails cashing checks. Sound familiar?? Who hasn't heard of this one yet....

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The Bogatto Company has a current offering of part-time positions. Even if you are presently employed, this opportunity can add additional earnings to your Family budget!!! Here is a little information about our company:

Bogatto co-operates with more than 90 countries in Europe, North and South America, the Near East and Asia. Our company was founded 15 years ago. Today Bogatto has built up an excellent reputation based on stability and reliability. Activities for our company are various. We find firms or people and negotiate contracts with them. Bogatto is the guarantor between the employer and the employee, vendor and vendee, etc.

The fundamental nature of your job will primarily consist of the following:
We send you a check that you cash utilizing a check cashing service
You take the money from this check and send it to our agent (If our partner is in the USA, you send the money to him through Travel Express)
If our partner is not in the USA, it is necessary for you to use Western Union
Your salary will be 10% from the sum of every check.
The more checks you receive - the more money you earn. Moreover, if you collaborate with us successfully during your first month, you will get an increase in pay.
After 2 months of successful employment you will get bumped up to 20% from the sum of every check.

Many of our clients conduct business via checks. But financial institutions in other countries are either not always equipped and/or charge huge fees when transferring funds.

That's why Bogatto is in need of people who can help us solve this problem and while doing so, earn a decent salary! This creates a nice win-win situation for us both.

If you are interested in our offer or have any questions about this offer, please complete the following information attentively and in block letters:

Full name:

Please send your information via e-mail to:

Please, write your data correctly! The checks of our clients will be sent to your name and your address. If it is required we'll call you. If you agree, you will receive further instructions.

Thanks for your attention and best regards,

The Bogatto Company

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Who will I get checks from?
You will receive checks from our clients who cannot send funds to another country but can only transfer funds by check within that country.
#2 How much will the wages compile?
Your wages will equal 10 percent from the sum of the check. In the other words you get the check, take 10 percent from the sum of the check and the remainder of the check is sent to our clients(ex: the sum of the check is 4,000 USD, you get 400 USD) you get the money this way from every check.
#3 Where is, the check cashed ?
Charges on cashing the check can be taken from this check. It would be better if you could cash the check on the day you receive it. To cash check fast you can use the offices "Check cashing service" "Check Cash Express" and others.
#4 Can cashing services be paid?
Yes, they can; Cashing services can be paid. In this case these services can be paid from the sum of the check.
#5 How is the money transferred by Western Union?
Information about the person who you need to send the money to will be highlighted in an e-mail sent to you. After you have transferred money by Western Union you will be given a MTCN (Money Control Transfer Number). It consist of 10 digits. Then you need to send this number to our e-mail on the same day.
#6 Where should the money be taken from to pay the Western Union fees?
The Western Union fees should be taken from the sum of the check.
#7 The Western Union system doesn't allow more than 3000 USD to be sent at at time?
If the sum of the transfer is more than 3000 USD then you must divide the sum into smaller transfers (it is obligatory) under the 3000 USD Limit. And as it was said above you need to tell us the MTCN s of the transfers.
#8 Can money be sent by another system?
No, it can't. Transfer can be done only by Western Union.
#9 Who will pay tax?
Sums of our checks are not more than 5000 USD. Reports are not sent to the IRS. Don't worry, you won't have to pay taxes on these sums of money.
#10 How many checks a month can you send and what sum of money?
We can send checks at a rate of 50,000 USD, and the quantity of the checks depends on their sum.
#11 Will the person have to go anywhere?
Your job won't be difficult, you won't have to go anywhere, you can do most everything from home and you don't need to invest money.
#12 Are the operation of the company legal?
All the operations of the company are legal and subject to International Judicial System, what is proved by appropriate documents.
#13 What is approximate wages?
Approximate wages a month is between 4000-5000 USD, with a minimum of time and effort.
#14 Who is responsible if the clients are not satisfied?
Our company is.
#15 Should we provide you with information about our bank account?
We don't need any information about your bank account..

-- Bogatto Company -- Contacts: 1-800-516-3170