Friday, December 07, 2007

Solid Oak - Symantec flagged as virus - is it?

This company Solid Oak is complaining because Symantec flagged their software as a virus - this article has the details:,2704,2229576,00.asp

Now the company is complaining that because symantec deleted or disabled files in their program people had to "rebuild their entire operating systems".

I don't know about you but if some software is doing things that cause me to have to rebuild my entire operating system if it fails or gets deleted - I'd have to say what the heck is that software doing and I definitely wouldn't want it on my machine - for security reasons.

Someone should take a closer look at exactly what this software does exactly and why removal of files would have such a disastrous effect.

I wonder if PCMag checked to make sure that the real problem does not lie with the software vendor.