Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Email. There must be a better way.

If someone could fix the email problems of the world I think they'd pretty much be a millionaire for sure (as long as they hire a decent sales person).

Here's the deal. This week I could not GET emails from Vericenter which is a tier 1 hosting provider, nor could I send emails to Network Solutions, and they are obviously a big Internet company. I also had a friend who was not getting my messages. So hmmm. Is this all just random? I mean really, c'mon - something has to be going on.

Let's say someone could intercept my messages and choose which ones they wanted me to get - or not - and which ones they wanted to go out - or not. Everyone says, oh, no this is not possible. Right. Just like the hack on my server was not possible that had a built in virus checker and was spewing out spam.

Ok moving right along, let's say this hacker is really good - and they usually are. My mail company traces a message and it goes all the way to Network Solutions machine. Let's say the hacker DID send a message all the way to Netsol. But it wasn't my message. It was a piece of spam half way through the route. It LOOKS like the message went through. On NetSol side, they say they have no message from me - it's not in their spam filter, yada yada.

Think out of the box...it IS possible. Don't tell me it's not.

But anyway back to the problem at hand. So I try to tell Network Solutions and they are a big company and one fo the best customer support people I've ever worked with...says there is nothing he can do. I asked him to contact his help desk and let them know - but what are the chances they fix it? They will say, "Everyone else is able to send and receive - it must be a problem with [your mammoth, top of the line] mail company [that supports major corporations].

So where does that leave me? SCREWED.

I am trying to work with and get help from all the people that are saying they cannot send to me or receive mail from me, however unless I can get two vendors on two sides of the equation to cooperate - this problem CANNOT BE FIXED.

If someone would run a mail company that would proactively call and work with other companies when this thing happens, on behalf of the person with the email account, they would make millions.

And by the way if it is a hacker, you could get reimbursed for this time via a lawsuit because of a new law that just passed....see my previous posts.

Stealing someone's email is a form of identity theft. This past year spam criminals in Seattle were charged this way - and sent to jail.