Sunday, September 02, 2007

Snail Mail Nigerian Scam

I call this the Nigerian scam becuase it is related to all those types of scams you get out of Nigeria on the Internet but I don't really know where this comes from.

My friend got a letter in the mail with a check. It said she won $50,000 and all she needed to do was pay the UK taxes. She had to cash a check for $2600 and pay the $2400 for the tax and supposedly she'd be getting the rest of the $50,000.

Of course the check probably was coming from a bank account not belonging to the person who sent her the letter.

Of course I recommended that she report this - not just trash it. Send a copy to the CIA, FBI and local police.

Could this be related to the Monster scam? Or just another scam out of Nigeria to transfer money out of bank accounts that do not belong to them?

When is our government going to get serious about these problems and crack down on these people in a big, big, painful way?