Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Skype and Ebay Hacked?

I have been getting repeated calls from odd numbers lately. I do not recognize them or know anyone in those area codes so I figure if they are for real they will leave a message and I will call back.

The latest such odd nuber is 202 580 8200. I looked it up online and found this post on ebay (and I recently posted a couple things up there), so I figure this is some hacker/scammer that has cracked skype and uses it to call people without being identified.

This is the post on ebay - I would wonder if it is related to their Romanian hacker fan. Hopefully Skype will get serious about this problem soon - it is too bad because this is a really cool service -- if you could trust that your phone calls were not all hacked:

I recently used Skype to place a call from the UK to a 800 number (love it - it is the easiest, sure-fire way to make a free 800 call trans- internationally) and made several purchases using my credit card

Subsequently the credit card was rejected - when I called the card company, they said a security block had been added, and unless I could identify a given phone number the card would be cancelled. The card had become "associated" with a phone number used in fraudulent transaction. 202 580 8200 - is the number.

It turns out that this number often shows up as the original number for call id. Evidently this is known issue, but Skype either cannot or will not correct this.

So,be aware, and decide how you want to deal with it...Myself, I was able to find this information out while on the phone with the credit card company and said I recognized the number - card was not cancelled. I guess everyone needs to make their own decision about how they will use Skype, and the ramifications