Saturday, August 18, 2007

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Email List Hacked

Members of that group got this total spam email - with the organization's name in the subject line:

Official letter to Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

My name is Rev. Clysta de Armas,the president of the Fellowship of Baptist Church.
We are writting you this letter because we have recieved your recommendation from the Baptist christian organization in your country. You have been recomended as one who is trustworthy and our institution has decided to chose you for a humanitarian mission, one which will be greatly rewarding in financial terms.
The crisis in Zimbabwe has rendered many kids from european decent orphans and most of them have managed through the help of our missionary work to find themselves in South Africa and under the care of the Baptist Church world wide. In one major case a set of twin orphans were left with a treasure under the care and protection of the Baptist Church because one of our reverends was present at the hospital where the father passed away and the father had to entrust the safey and upkeep of the twins in the custody of Baptist organization.
Their father was a co-founder of the commercial farmers corperative union and in his will he entrusted all his estates to the two twin sons. We were also made executors of the last will and testament hence on the demise of Late Mr. Stevens, the sum of 15.5 Million dollars inherited by his sons Patrick Stevens and Mattew Stevens secured in VEF BANK in Riga Latvia was moved down to South Africa and secured in a special reserve account opened in the name of our church on behalf of young Patrick since is not mature enough to hold an account with any financial institution in South Africa.
God’s call comes clearly when we are listening for His voice. It is not just a one time call to salvation. That is the first call on our lives. But it is also a daily call to follow Christ in every situation.As I have tried to answer the call on my life, it has not always been easy or convenient, but it has always been the best for me. I challenge us all to take to heart our new emphasis and "Live the Call" each day. When we hear Jesus calling, let’s jump up and run to Him just as Mary did.
We would like you to help Patrick and his Twin brother Mattew. You may wonder, what do we want you to do for them.
1. Our church organization has no business ideas in mind to plunge this funds.
2. We are not involved in financial matters hence we lack fund management skills
3. We are prepared to raise Patrick and his twin brother Mattew until they are upto the age of 21 when they can manage their own affairs and be free from the orphanage but we need someone who will manage this funds for a period of 15 years because they are only 6 years old now.
4. We also need someone who will receive this fund oversea for this investment purpose.
5. We need a trustworthy and God fearing someone who will give proper accountability and also report events concerning the funds from time to time as shall be required by our organization.
6. For helping in the relocation of the funds to an overseas account, we are prepared to compensation you with 10% of the total funds and also in securing the funds in a solid investment we are prepared to offer you 30% of every yearly profit that shall accrue in the said investment.
7. The terms and conditions of this matter shall be put in a formal business and fund manager contract.
8. In your response, I shall send you some vital information that will enhance your decision making.
I am too busy with official matters regarding the church so please contact Rev. James Willis at the email below:
You can call him on the phone number: +27 79 753 3836
He has been given full authority by our church organization to facilitate this process and shall work in collaboration with you to actualize same so feel free to contact him.
Please respond to this call in the name of humanity.
On getting your response you shall be properly informed on what to do.
Thanks and may the blessings of God be with you.
He awaits your response,

Rev. Clysta de Armas

Take note , send your response to this email only to Mr. James Willis at and additionally kindly call him at his phone number
+27 79 753 3836

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