Thursday, July 05, 2007

Network Admins Not Paying Attention To Traffic

Hmm. Interesting.

Not sure I agree however. I don't know if this person understands exactly what was done in this case and yes, it should have been done sooner, but the fact is prior to this network admins didn't pay attention to traffic much at all unless it took down a machine. The fact that the government is involved and looking at the problem is a major step forward as we all know how long it takes to get the government has financial motivation. The government is pushed by voters and many voters don't even understand what is going on. So I say go Microsoft, go FBI and keep going - do more. Catch them and start whacking people with fines and putting them in jail the same way the Enron guys were put in jail - as an example to all and yes you will pay. But make the price high.

The note about cutting off criminal resources is interesting. Yes we can and should do more about this problem, but at least someone "gets it" and it is a step in the right direction. That's my take.

And as for the last line, yeah right. I'm going to let some ex (supposedly) hacker "fix" my machine. Time for a reality check.