Thursday, June 14, 2007

Botnets - Scourge of the Internet

SWEET. Finally big companies and the governement are honing in on this issue. It is about time and I am so happy to hear it:

Since starting to uncover the network patterns of spam about 3 years ago when I got sick of 950 spam emails per day I have been sending out messages about how these attacks are coordinated and coming from the servers of large companies...and since then the problem has only gotten worse.

One of my biggest reasons for writing this blog was to get someone - anyone - to take notice of the underlying Internet traffic - good and bad - and do something about it. I got sick of network admins throwing up their hands and telling me I was full of it when my server was hacked or that there was nothing that can be done about it...

This is exactly what we need. We need big businesses involved and the government and even better yet, we need large hosting facilities to analyze their traffic on an anonymous but global basis to determine traffic patterns that are obviously bots and illegal activities.

This is a long awaited happy day...