Friday, February 16, 2007

Message Guard - Network Solutions

Been writing about trying out Identity Based Encryption - specificall the Message Guard service from Network Solutions provided by Voltage Security.

This is the typical message I get from other people when I try to use Network Solutions Message Guard to send them emails:

I do not have time to go do all of these steps to read the email. It takes over 5 minutes to complete this. I am the only one here in my department and this is very time consuming. Can you please just send me a regular email.

Until this is fixed, this is not a viable solution for every day use between two parties that are not both using the same service. I thought the idea was that the person only has to go through the steps one time...

I also asked Voltage Security how they guarantee that someone at their location is not able to decrypt and read the email - what policies and auditing do they have in place - and as of yet no response.