Monday, February 12, 2007

Identity Based Encryption - Update

As noted in previous posts I'm trying out Identity Based Encryption and having lots of problems with it. A lawyer on comcast can't use it, a customer couldn't access it, people I work with in Australia aren't replying so I am not sure what that meants, someone on AOL couldn't read it. It's a toss up who will be able to read it and who won't. Someone on Yahoo gets it just fine as does someone on SpeakEasy. One mail provider - - refuses to let their support staff use it.

The latest is that I just had to re-authenticate to send a message and I'm not sure why. Is this an on-going thing where you have to re-authenticate on a weekly basis?

The other thing to note is that I bought the service from Network Solutions and it is authenticating on the Voltage Security system.