Sunday, December 31, 2006

Toshiba Power Saver - Hack or Problem?

Is there any reason why the Toshiba Satellite laptop power saver needs to dial out to the Internet? This particular piece of code has been the source of major problems on my last two computers and just had an error with a new one I bought only a couple of months ago.

Bascially the first error I saw on this computer is when it was connected to a wireless network and I shut down the connection. Then the Toshiba power saver gave me an unexpected error message.

So why is this power saver getting errors when I shut off internet access unless it is somehow dialed out to the Internet, pray tell?

Very curious as this is the same component that continually crashes even after re-building my last Toshiba about three times. Each time I start having problems with the power saver. I thought it had something to do with my third party power cord that also flaked out but on this new computer I have only used the power adaptor that came with the machine.

So either there is a hack in this software that is somehow allowing access it should not - or there is some really bad programming and error checking in the software.

I hope someone out there is reading and will do some additional testing on this besides just hackers.