Sunday, October 01, 2006

Invalid SSL Certificate Accessing Hosting Company Admin Web Site

Today was trying to access the Admin console for DataPipe (a managed server I work on ) and could not access the site via https in Mozilla using HTTPS. It keeps timing out. Interestingly enough when accessing it via HTTP in Mozilla or on IE with HTTPS it would work correctly.

The weird thing here though is that one time when I tried to access via HTTPS in Mozilla, I got an error saying the SSL certificate domain name did not match the domain name I was trying to access. When I took a look at the certificate details it was pointing to a choicepoint SSL certificate. I am not sure but I think it was

Interestingly is in Atlanta which was probably the most major source of hacking I saw while on my previous hosting provider network. Could be a coincidence. Coincidences and random Internet connections abound.

I went to read about choicepoint on the net and found this: choicepoint