Sunday, October 15, 2006

DDOS Attacks

This past year I was subjected to a huge amount of Fox News. I prefer the BBC and NPR any day, but I find it interesting that in all the news stories about the information posted on Al-Jazeera about the soldier/prisoner scandal I never heard anything about this:

DDOS attacks on Al-Jazeera

And let me tell you, I was with a news junky and we were watching every right wing news show known to man. Maybe the newscasters just didn't understand it. This is almost scarier because the next real war is at the computer and network level. I have written about this previously.

But enough of that. The interesting thing about this article is that DDOS attacks can cripple a web site -- and that using a private network such as Akamai can be a solution to this problem. Probably at a hefty price, of course.