Thursday, August 03, 2006

International Crime Ring - The Web Mob

More correlations between all the data I have been presenting or almost a year now (go back to my very first story and the speculations about coordinated crime efforts spawning from Russia, China and elsewhere) can be found in this report:

FBI Discusses International Web Crime

My take that the next war will be an information war is being played out in references to Internet crime "cells" similar to terrorist network cells. My speculation further suggests that these "cells" are related to terrorist cells trying to produce nuclear bombs and weapons.

It's always about power and money isn't it? Sometimes I wish I was blissfully oblivious but I can't help what I see. And it all started by digging into the network of spam drowning my emails last year. The trends...the networks involved...the targets...the messages...I knew it was somehow coordinated.

Piece by piece the random Internet connections are connecting into a puzzle that is starting to form comprehensible and recognizable images that explain what is really going on.

The Internet is the new Wild, Wild West ... the new digital mob ... a new form of drug lords that want to rule the world ... a new brand of espionage and terrorism predicted in war games but very much an understatement in terms of the reach and complexity of the network and crimes involved.