Thursday, July 20, 2006

Monitoring Keyboard and Mouse Events

Look how easy Microsoft makes it to monitor keyboard and mouse events - how nice of them:

Windows Keyboard and Mouse Hooks

Ok but you'd have to have access to install stuff on the box you say...

Well if you read my blog about the managed hosting company I've been using...then you may start to understand my concerns. Outsourcing your hosting to a managed hosting company is lovely - if you trust them. You want to trust them - but can you? Read my information about life at a managed hosting company and decide for yourself.

So how can we balance out getting someone else to manage our servers while protecting our privacy and data?

It would be nice if Microsoft provided more detailed logging of what was installed and when, and also means to clearly distinguish what DLLs go with what programs, for instance.

Additionally how can we be sure someone is not tracking our events with the code noted above? How can we be sure they are doing this only if we have given them authority to do so?