Sunday, June 25, 2006 - publishing your system info

Take a look at domains in and you will find that they not only publish information about the site, but also the OS on which the site is running, the web server, version numbers - everything. It doesn't seem to me that they should be publishing this information without explicit permission from the web site owners. Once someone knows what operating system you run and the software you are running on it they are able to eliminate a great deal of work in the number of exploits they have to try to get a result. They can go for blood out of the gate for holes in those known types of software.

Oh and by the way now your system information is searchable, making it easier for hackers to find all the sites that run PHP for instance...

If I were you, I would recommend that you request removal from this database:
Hacker Info

Of course they provide no way to contact them on their web site without creating an account. Isn't that lovely. Therefore I looked up the DNS records and drilled down first using the whois on which led me to this address:

However if you look up the domain name records using the DNS Lookup Tool on the right side of the screen you get: A IN 300 NS IN 86400 NS IN 86400 A IN 3600 A IN 3600

The contact for this particular set of domain records is:

Domain name: NAMEINTEL.COM

Registrant, Administrative, Technical Contact:

Name Intelligence, Inc.
12806 SE 22nd PL
Bellevue, WA 98005
By phone: 206-838-9035
By email:

Status: Registrar-Lock

Name Servers:

You can also contact the higher level network that supports them here:
Fiber Cloud

Hmm I wonder if they like this being published?