Sunday, April 30, 2006


Here's a cool thing if they are legit. My big beef about network admins, managed firewalls, and network security is that it is impossible to track, monitor and report problems in a way that actually makes a difference. (See my managed shmanaged firewall post).

These guys are actually giving it a go. Good for them!

It looks pretty cool (if it works) because they monitor the traffic and after so many attemps they automatically notify the offending network, and if someone at the offending network actually looks into the problem some of these holes on the Internet can be plugged up.

Better yet would be if the offending networks actually report the criminal if they can find him/her to the FBI.

Of course someone still needs to verify that they are actually sending the complete log and not actually hacking and altering logs as the information is reported just as in my post about McAfee firewall possibly having problems.

The concept, however, is very cool and hopefully will help notify networks with servers that need to be patched up quickly if a lot of people start using it, or something like it.